UPD ROTC Month 2024: A Month-long Empowerment of Tomorrow’s Leaders / A Month-long Celebration of Excellence

The University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Unit led the celebration of the National ROTC Month 2024 the entire month of March.

The Cadet Officers of the UP Diliman ROTC Unit posing for a photo opportunity with the National ROTC Month 2024 tarpaulin designed by OJ9, AFP as the backdrop.

At the core of every institution lies a legacy—a narrative woven by the dedication, commitment, and service of those who came before. For the University of the Philippines ROTC Unit, this legacy stretches back a century as one of the pioneering forces behind the establishment of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps in the Philippines. As March unfolds, the halls of the DMST Complex come alive with a spirit of commemoration and celebration, as it is National ROTC Month—a time to honor the past, embrace the present, and envision the future.

Proclamation No. 340 series of 2012 designates March as ROTC Month, a testament to the enduring contributions of UP ROTC. As we honor this tradition, we also commemorate the founding anniversary of the UP Department of Military Science and Tactics (DMST) on 17 March, showcasing over a century of dedication and service to our nation. Through its legacy, it has embodied the core values of UP ROTC: Duty Well Performed, Honor Untarnished, and Country Above Self! 

The UPD ROTCU commemorates ROTC Month with a series of activities that live up to the theme: “Empowering Our Future Leaders and Defenders for a Better Tomorrow.” This month-long celebration commenced with a flag-raising ceremony on 04 March 2024 at Quezon Hall, attended by the UP Corps of Cadets, UP Corps of Sponsors, and UP ROTC Band, graced by the UP Diliman Chancellor, Chancellor Edgardo Carlo L. Vistan II.

Amidst the rigorous training in leadership and military proficiency, UPD ROTCU took a moment to rest and reflect on broader national concerns. PAHINGA: Talakayan sa DMST, an event that was conceptualized by COL FERDINAND REY G GA MNSA (ART) PA, Group Commander, NCRRCDG, RESCOM, PA, provides a platform for insightful discussions and exchange of ideas. It is a series of lectures designed to cultivate well-informed future leaders with an introduction and awareness of defense and security issues and updates affecting the Philippine security environment. On 16 March 2024 at the Malcolm Hall Theater UP Diliman, Prof. Jay L. Batongbacal, Director of the Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea, UP Law Center, led the inaugural session of the lecture series by delving into the security issues in the West Philippine Sea.

COL ALLAN PETER D RUDIO MNSA (SC) PA, assisted by CMaj Cacey D Calixto 1Cl, presented a certificate and a token of appreciation to Prof. Jay L. Batongbacal.

The celebration extends its embrace to the wider UP Diliman community through a Health and Wellness Drive in  partnership with the UP Vanguard Incorporated (UPVI) Capitol Chapter, the UPVI International Chapter, the UP Vanguard Fraternity, and the local government unit of Brgy. UP Campus, the UPD ROTCU, in line with UP Diliman’s commitment to social responsibility. The drive was benefitted 100 children beneficiaries aged 7-12 from Pook Dagohoy, Barangay UP Campus, Quezon City on 17 March 2024. The event featured activities, including a quick Zumba session, storytelling, lectures on oral hygiene and handwashing, distribution of medical hygiene kits, and servings of sopas and juice. This project not only focuses on health but also aligns with UPDROTCU’s commitment to social responsibility, aiming to address local needs and promote civic engagement.

CP2Lt Maria Philomena B Guinto 3Cl and CP2Lt Jade Louise F Ramos 3Cl teaching the children Oral Hygiene.

As the month drew to a close, the UP Diliman ROTC Unit held an ROTC Exhibit and a Cadets’ Night on 23 March 2024. As part of its effort to boost awareness of the ROTC program, the UPD ROTCU hosted ROTC booths that are open to the public. These booths include rappelling, pistol marksmanship, and static display. On the same day, the unit t hosted a social gathering entitled Cadets’ Night with  cadets, cadet officers, sponsors, and cadet alumni present to officially conclude the celebration of the National ROTC Month 2024. This night of celebration promotes camaraderie and esprit de corps and improves the morale and welfare of the participants. 

Cadet’s Night attendees posing for a photo opportunity in the Quadrangle of the DMST Complex.

ROTC Month is more than just a series of events—it is a testament to the enduring legacy of the UPD ROTCU. From honoring history to fostering community engagement and camaraderie, UP Diliman’s celebration of ROTC Month exemplified the spirit of service and commitment to excellence. As UPD ROTCU looks toward a better tomorrow, it continues to march forward with pride and dedication, empowering the future leaders and defenders of the nation.