UPD ROTC MS1 Culminates with Empowerment and Spirit of Duty, Honor, and Country

The end of the semester marks a crucial moment for UP Diliman ROTC cadets as they undergo their final examinations in Military Science 1 from 06 January to 13 January 2024. 

The UP Diliman ROTC Unit Cadets at the Quadrangle of the DMST Complex for the Opening Program of the ROTC Military Science 1

Throughout the semester, the UP Diliman ROTC MS1 program equipped cadets with a diverse array of knowledge and skills essential for their development as future reservists. From delving into Military Customs and Traditions to understanding the intricacies of Cybersecurity, each topic served to instill in them a deeper understanding of their roles as cadets and Filipino citizens.

In addition to core military subjects, cadets gained valuable knowledge in areas like Environmental Protection, Gender and Development, Understanding the Self and Others, Citizenship Training, Disaster Risk and Reduction Management, Drug Education, Followership, Rule of Law, and Hygiene and Sanitation. This comprehensive curriculum fostered well-rounded skills and an understanding of what it means to be a UP ROTC cadet.

C1Lt Solano 2Cl demonstrating how to make a Poncho Lean-to Tent.
ROTC Cadets performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Beyond theory, cadets also underwent holistic practical training and honed their skills to become resilient reservists. This included Basic Life Saving and Survival Techniques which gave them crucial skills for emergency situations. They learned skills such as building a shelter in the wild, scene survey as a first-aider, and CPR techniques. Additionally, Weapons Training honed their firearms handling skills, while Drills and Ceremonies Training instilled discipline and precision. They mastered how to handle weapons, identifying the different parts of an M16, its assembly and disassembly, and executing different rifle drill commands, showcasing their prowess as UPD ROTC cadets.

C1Lt Celucia 2Cl identifying the parts of the M16 for the Alpha Company Cadets.
ROTC Cadets practicing Rifle Drills

Culminating the MS1 program, UP Diliman ROTC Cadets tested and honed their tactical prowess and the formalities of the ceremony at the UPD Sunken Garden. The Alpha and Bravo companies practiced performing the fundamentals of infantry operations, which involved squad movement techniques and formation.  

C1Lt Manaois 2Cl teaching the Infantry Cadets the File Formation

Gearing up for their exams, the cadets carry with them not just the knowledge from all the training days into their final exams but a profound sense of Duty, Honor, and Country. The skills they have learned are not just for the field; they are for life. As the pages of MS1 turn, a new chapter unravels welcoming the cadets to the exciting and challenging UPD ROTC course.