Conquering Remote Learning with the UP Corps of Sponsors

Last October 2, 2020, the UP Corps of Sponsors Diliman launched its first-ever installment of their online project, Learn With UP CoS. The project itself is a series of webinars of timely and relevant topics that aims to help their audience cope with the new reality that the world is facing right now. This is the Sponsors’ take on their socio-civic engagements amidst the pandemic; not letting this crisis dampen their determination to serve the Filipino people in any way that they can.

The first installment was entitled “Conquering Remote Learning,” spearheaded by the Alpha Company Sponsor, Miss Francesca Helene C. Bañaria, and the Bravo Company Sponsor,  Miss Patricia F. Baltazar. They were joined by two experts who tackled both the technical know-how to conquer this novel experience in learning as well as the emotional self-care needed in the home.

The first speaker, Prof. Lizamarie Olegario from the UP College of Education, presented her talk on “Tips and Hacks for Effective Study Habits.” A faculty member for over a decade, she has taught classes in Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Philo-Psychological

Foundations in Education. Cognitive Learning, Practicum in Educational Psychology, Affective Learning, Human Development & Learning, Psychological Foundations of Education, and Ecology of Human Development & Learning. It is with this experience and expertise that she taught techniques on how to maximize our learning. A unique insight she brought to the discussion is how the factors for effective studying differ between face-to-face classes and remote learning. She provided tips such as taking a nap or sleeping within an hour of studying to better retain our lessons, and even the proper way to sit at our desks to learn through our laptops. An underlying theme is that we will only get as much as we invest in remote learning. The right support group, environment, and attitude are key factors, too. She ended her discussion with the words: “I’m possible, not impossible.”

Prof. Charla Rochella Saamong, the Chair of the Department of Family Life and Child Development from the UP College of Home Economics, then discussed “Managing Socio-Emotional Needs In The Home.” It is an important yet rarely discussed side of remote learning, dealing with the greater context and headspace involved. Through her talk, she emphasized the importance of remembering our role in the home; that apart from being students, we are also children, siblings, grandchildren, etc. Having predictability and structure through a routine gives us a sense of security. A notable analogy she shared is to treat it like a marathon: that we can take breaks, we can slow down, we can ask for help and we can run with friends.

At the end of the program, the event was able to gather a hundred participants in the Zoom Meeting room. The majority of the participants were college students from UP, with many coming due to the endorsements of the NSTP offices of both Diliman and Manila,  but there were also teachers present who wanted to understand the perspective of their students. All the attendees who answered the evaluation forms that were released after the program were given certificates of participation.

Through the evaluation forms, the Sponsors were able to get feedback from their audience. Most of the responses on the conduct of the webinar and topics were positive. The students especially shared that they were satisfied with the speakers, and that they would apply what they learned from the webinar. Additionally, some participants requested certain topics for future webinars.

The reality we are all facing now demands clearer intention and resilience in our every choice. Now, more than ever, should we find the perseverance within ourselves to get through this unique season for the whole world.

In case you missed it, catch up on the webinar by watching the recording at the UP ROTC Youtube channel here:

Conquering Remote Learning with the UP Corps of Sponsors